(Austria) Legislation In Parliament Permitting Dual Citizenship for the Descendants of Austrian Holocaust Survivors #austria-czech

Jan Meisels Allen

Upon reading the article in JC News about Austria preparing to offer
citizenship to Holocaust victim's descendants, referring to a statement by
Austrian Chancellor Kurz, I contacted the Austrian Counsel General to the
United States in Washington D.C., Josef Prelec for confirmation.
See: https://tinyurl.com/y7qz56ef original url:
tims-children-and-grandchildren-sebastian-kurz-confirms-1.471942 .

Counsel General Prelec advised me that according to the information
published on the website of the Austrian Parliament, an amendment of the
Austrian Citizenship Law was introduced as a Private Members' Bill on 25
October 2018 (see
https://www.parlament.gv.at/PAKT/VHG/XXVI/A/A_00438/index.shtml). While he
is unable to say when the new regulations will be implemented, the
legislative process for granting citizenship to descendants of Austrian
Victims of the Holocaust are underway.

The aforementioned link to the Austrian Parliament is only in German. It
will open to a page that gives information on the bill and another pdf with
the bill- also in German. You can translate the bill by copying and pasting
the words into a translation service such as google translate,
https://translate.google.com. The bill is Citizenship Act 1985, amendment
(438 / A). It is very short and basically says to amend the Citizenship Act
of 1985 permitting dual citizenship to " the Victims of National Socialism
of Austria the present laudable Application should be taken without further
delay". It has been assigned to the Internal Affairs Committee and the
author of the bill is by Member Stephanie Krisper. The bill does not
enumerate which descendants even though the JC Article says children and

Please do not ask me for any further information as this is all I know as of
November 5, 2018, the date of Counsel General Prelec's email response to me
and the above is all that is on the Parliament's website as of this posting.

Jan Meisels Allen
Chairperson, IAJGS Public Records Access Monitoring Committee

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