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Margarita Lacko <mishpologia@...>

Dear H-siggers,

As a survivor, my uncle submitted a claim to one of the insurance
companies. Now they are asking for proof.

The only proof he seems to have is a photo which I have posted on View
Mate: (click "Enter Viewing
Section" and search for file VM3163)
or use the direct link

You will see a group of men >from the Hungarian Forced Labor camp
(munkaszolgalat) in Turia Remete (Karpatorus, Ukraine), 1942-1943. I would
like to get in touch with survivors or descendants, or anyone that can
provide information about this camp.

Please reply privately at < >

Thanks in advance,

Margarita Lackó
from "the island" in Miami
(JGFF researcher # 11453)

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