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Henry <henry@...>

Hi Prof. G. L. Esterson,

The name was pronounced Rontzha, maybe that might help you. She lived in
Austria-Hungary in the mid 1800's, its currently in Ukraine.
Thank You

Henry Schwartz

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Henry Schwartz posted as follows:

"Has anyone ever come across the name Ronzha. I would like to know if the
name is a nickname or a real name. I do know that its not Ruchel since she
had a sister named Ruchel."

I have not seen the name Ronzha before, and it is not to be found in any of
the Given Names Data Bases at but (if correctly
transcribed) it could be related to one of the following name groups, in
decreasing order of probability:

Veronica (a German secular name, widely used by Jews in Eastern Europe)

The Yiddish name Rone was shared between several name groupings. The name
Ronzha seems a likely candidate to having been a Yiddish nickname for one
of these Yiddish/Hebrew names. This will limit to some extent your
research challenge.

Prof. G. L. Esterson, Ra'anana, Israel

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