Re: McKeesport, Pennsylvania Hungarian Jewish Community #hungary


Try the University of PENNSYLVANIA- Dpt of Hebrew Studies (The Department's
may have been changed recently, but then ask operator or Office of Registrar
to list
for you the different departments dealing with Hebrew, Hebraic..etc...
You may also be able to pull up the HOmepage for the University of
Pennsylvania, also
browse through their School of Graduate Studies. (A few yrs ago one of
the professors responded with a very knowledgeable information ..I did not keep
the info, but
but keep searching... you should be able to get some help.
Have you thought of contacting the Jewish Institutions, Synagogue, in
They may have archives, or know where these are , which you can access.
Try writing to the administration of the Cemetery or nearby cemeteries
that may be
have information for you. There must be records.
The Dpartment for Records (Births, marriages, Deaths) for Pennsylkavania
(get their address/phone number >from the phone directory---) Also, the
Dapartment of Immigration and Naturalization may be able to locate their documents of
Petition for
Naturalization, and the actual naturalization records which should yield
informaltion of your grandparents..their siblings,parents, place of origin,
and their children..any the address where they resided... you may then even
locate their neighborhood with its schools and house of worship...(if developers
have not rearranged
the real estate in the recent past).
Good Luck!! Let me know if any of the above were successful. Indeed,
it is like
looking for a needle in the haystack, but that is what also makes genealogy
searches so
fascinating. There is a lot I've learned along the way about history and the
times and types of lives our ancestors were confronted with... it completes a
whole picture.
Kitty Sauber

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