Re: Hungary versus Austria?? #hungary


Two-thirds of Hungarian territory was annexed to the neighboring countries:
Rumania, Czechoslovakia, Karpath-Ukraine, Yugoslavia, and a small section to

I do not believe anyone would have -- for economical or prestige reasons used
the Austrian definition.
You can't do that.
The birth location in some parts of pre-1920 Hungary by the end of the
century in some cases changed more then four times its geographical definition. With
that, the names of the locations changed to different languages as well.
It is a treacherous area to search in.

Leslie Eloed
California USA

Moderator VK: I'm not sure what Leslie means when he states that one "can't" identify a place of residence in Austria. As noted in many previous discussions, the national boundaries of many places that were part of Hungary before the Treaty of Trianon changed frequently in the following years. My maps show that lands along the western borders of pre-Trianon Moson, Sopron, and Vas megye did become, and remain to this day, part of Austria.

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