Re: 2004 Conference Plans #hungary

Gábor Hirsch <hirsch@...>

Dear H-SIG-ers

I would like to draw your attention to the fact, that the 60 year
annyversary of the Hungarian deportations are next year and some
communities hold at least in 2003 on days when the IAJGS Conference is
planned. I am afraid we can't influence the planning in Hungary but may
be we can influence the IAJS planning. I believe we - at least the ones,
deirectly affected by the events before 60 years - should be present,
and commemorate this days in Hungary, combining may be with attenting
afterwards the IAJGS Conference in Jerusalem, but my priority is
definitly, my hometown and my community in the past.

Best regards
Gabor Hirsch

Shoa Commemoratrion Days in 2003
július 6 Jászberény, Karcag, Kiskörös, Kecel, Soltvadkert, Pécs,
Szombathely, Tapolca, Jánoshalma, Nagykôrös
július 13 Debrecen, Nagykáta, Szekszárd,
július 20. Szarvas, Újpest

Vivian Kahn schrieb:

The 24th IAJGS International Jewish Genealogy Conference will be held
in Jerusalem July 4-9, 2004. The organizers are interested in knowing
whether the Hungarian SIG would be interested in participating in a
SIG fair or sponsoring other events such as a luncheon or business

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