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New vital records, including some >from the Holocaust period, and a new
set of taxpayer records, are now available on the All Galicia Database

A. >from the Rzeszow State Archive:
- Sokolow Malopolski - Fond 533, Files 9, 14, 19, and 20:
Jewish births 1932-1936 (192 records);
Jewish marriages 1928-1939 (125 records);
Jewish deaths 1932-1940 (182 records).

- Rzeszow - Fond 533, File 54:
Jewish marriage certificates (loose), 1939-1942 (133 records).
These records are in addition to an earlier set of 196 marriage
certificates, also held in the Rzeszow archive, >from the period
1940-1942 (Fond 533, Files 47-49). In the new set, there are marriage
certificates up to June 28, 1942. The first mass deportations >from the
Rzeszow district to Belzec (including 8,000 Jews >from the Rzeszow
ghetto), began on July 7, 1942.

Gesher Galicia has also updated its online inventory of Jewish records
held in the Rzeszow state archive, adding links to newly available
sets of scans, including >from the town of Sokolow Malopolski, on the website. See the Rzeszow archive inventory:

B. >from the Przemysl State Archive - Fond 154, File 19/03:
- Klasno-Podgorze (Wieliczka). Jewish deaths (index book) 1918-1942
(1,026 records).

C. >from AGAD, Warsaw - Fond 424, File 202:
- Probuzna. List of Jewish residents, 1932 (1,402 records)
This file contains a considerable amount of vital information on the
residents listed.

D. >from the State Archive of Lviv Oblast (DALO) - Fond 1, Series 56, File 2720:
- Boryslaw. Jewish taxpayers, 1938 (1,199 records).
Gesher Galicia thanks Martin Wahlen and Mark Jacobson for providing
the images and for their work in indexing these records.

Coming in the next month to the All Galicia Database:
- Over 9,000 Holocaust-period records of various types >from the
Rzeszow area and >from Nowy Sacz;
- Jewish Galician Medical Students Project records >from Lwow University.

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