Translation Help Wanted, Yiskor Book for Kiraly Helmec and the Bodrog District #hungary


I am working on getting the Yizkor Book for Kiraly Helmec and the Bodrog
District on-line on JewishGen. To date, the list of the martyrs has been
posted to JewishGen.

Getting the full text on line is taking longer. About 65 pages of English
text should be ready in January.

The book includes about 20 pages of text in Hungarian (including poems) and
about 50 pages in Hebrew, both languages that I do not speak, however.

If you are proficient in either or both of these languages and are willing to
help translate portions of the book, please contact me directly.

Charles Mandelbaum, Falls Church, Virginia

SEARCHING: MANDELBAUM in Slovakia (Zemplen County in Trianon, Hungary) and
GREENWALD, GRUNVALD in Ukraine (Khlomet) or Ung County in old Hungary.

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