1. BMD indices Schlaining Oberwart #austria-czech


1. BMD indices Schlaining Oberwart

Tks Traude.

This is my 2ggfather home town. Even if I had already found the family
records in the digitalized book, having this easily searchable tool is a

A large number of families >from the city migrated in the three last decades=

of the 19th century to cities in the region of current Croatia, like
Koprivnica and Krizevci. Their names may be found in the cities jewish

Btw, my family, was one of the Schwarzes of the town. Heinrich and his
brother were the only two jews born in Kogel, that seems to be a small
neighborhood village. What I couldn't find is their relation with other
Schwarz and other families of Schlaining.

Tks again

Emille Winger

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