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Robert Neu

Don't underestimate people ability to travel in the 19th Century. My
grandfather lived in Nagykanizsa - near the southern border of Hungary
and my grandmother was >from "Eger" half way to the Eastern border
towards Miskolc. They were married in 1898. Matchmaker, matchmaker...
Robert Neu
--- Sam Schleman <> wrote:

Dear Genners.

I have never been able to determine the town >from which my maternal
came from. None of their US-based records are any more specific than
"Hungarica". However, I have been able to determine that my
Great-grandfather's sister married someone >from what was Nagy Ida,
which is
now Velka Ida and which is now in Slovakia. It is located about 10
south of Kosice.

The marriage took place around 1870. Given the transportation modes
limitations of the time, I am trying to determine the likely area
someone >from Velka Ida would meet someone and form enough of a
to result in marriage. For example, is it at all likely that someone
the Kosice area would meet and marry someone >from Szabolcs County,
would require going across the apparently mountainous terrain of

I realize that this speculation will not locate my GGP's home town.
will require research. What I am attempting to do is focus my
research in
those areas that have the highest probability of success.

I would appreciate any suggestions and help that you can provide.


Sam Schleman
Malvern, PA

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