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When I was in Satorauljhely reviewing BMD records in the city hall archives
there, we noted that in many cases notations were made in the person's
record (they would start with birth and record additional information on the
same line, later) as to name change. Hard to index, but we noted several
potential family members to whom this applied.
Lynn Saul

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Around 1908 a register was published by the Hungarian Government that
listed all the changes in last names of individuals(I don't know the
exact time frame, but certainly includes the bulk of the changes which
occurred late 19th century)

It is typed and lists the old/new names, occupation, places of
residence/birth, year of birth, religion and a certificate number. It is
sorted by the old name. It may be on LDS microfilm.

In my case there was one ambitious family member who became a pharmacist,
changed his name and moved to a very unlikely location. Without this
register it would've been impossible to race him.

Is anyone familiar with this register or has some idea how to avail it to
Hsig as a generic research tool?
Best Regards,

Alex Miller

Moderator VK: Good news! We have a database that will soon be submitted
that includes names found in an 1895 book reporting name changes. The title
of the book, which was found in the non-circulating book room of the
Szechenyi Hungarian National Library is Szasadunk Nevvaltoztatasai
1800-1893. The author was Zoltan Szentivanyi, according to Janos Bogardi's
Radix website. He has used this book to create a variety of surname
databases that don't include info on the original names. I don't know if the
book has been filmed by the FHL.

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