H-SIG Events at Jerusalem conference #hungary

Vivian Kahn

The programming committee of the 24th IAJGS International Jewish
Genealogy Conference scheduled to be held in Jerusalem 4-9 July is
setting up the Conference schedule and needs to know what activities,
if any, to schedule for H-SIG.

In response to my previous inquiry, only about 10 people indicated that
they were going to attend the conference. This is not a large enough
group to warrant holding a SIG business meeting. As previously
mentioned, I will not be going to the conference and, to my knowledge,
none of the other SIG members involved in our administrative affairs
will be attending either. We'll provide you with an electronic summary
of SIG activities during the past year.

Robert Neu, our 1848 Census project coordinator, indicated that he does
plan to attend the conference. If any other project coordinators
will be there as well, you might want to have a small meeting to
present an update on H-SIG projects. Please let me know ASAP of
interest in presenting or attending such a session so I can ask the
conference organizers to put this on the schedule. I cannot guarantee
that it won't conflict with other sessions that may be of interest to
SIG members.

I do not know if there is a minimum number needed to schedule a SIG
luncheon. I can ask the conference organizers to schedule this event
@$25 per person but I won't be able to plan a luncheon program. Given
the small number of members who will be going to the conference I
suggest that you plan an informal luncheon at everyone's convenience
instead of a scheduled luncheon with or without a speaker. An
alternative would be to ask the conference organizers to schedule an
informal get-together with coffee, tea and cake @ $10/person, but this
event might also conflict with other sessions. There will be no SIG
fair at this Conference.

Given the low anticipated turnout >from H-SIG, my recommendation is
that we do not plan any formal activities. If you are planning to
attend the conference and would like to make plans to connect with
other SIG members, I can put together a list of all those who will be
there and send it out to H-SIG subscribers.

This is our final opportunity to get any formal SIG events on the
conference schedule. In order for this to happen, I must let the
organizers know how many people would attend. If I do not receive
expressions of interest in a specific event >from more than 10 people by
January 24, I will tell the conference organizers to leave us off the
schedule this year.

I regret that we won't have an opportunity to get together this summer
and look forward to seeing many of you at the next IAJGS conference in
Las Vegas in 2005. It's quite close to Salt Lake City for those who
might want to take the time for a side-trip.

Vivian Kahn, H-SIG Coordinator

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