Searching for Miriam Leiter Haber BEUTEL in Israel and / or descendants #austria-czech

Selma Sheridan

Dear fellow researchers,
I have Yad Vashem Pages of Testimony >from 28/04/99 submitted by Miriam
BEUTEL, living in Kiriat Ata near Haifa, regarding BEUTEL relatives Ana and
Rakhel (born in Vienna), Sara and young boy (born in Podhajce). All were
murdered in Podhajce, Tarnopol, Poland, in 1943. We have been unable to
find Miriam BEUTEL or her family in Israel. She would likely be related by
marriage to my great-great-grandfather Mordechai BEUTEL (and his son Hersch
BEUTEL) >from Skalat near Podhajce, who moved to Vienna. We would like to
contact Miriam BEUTEL and / or her descendants, to learn more about this
branch of the family. Many thanks,
Selma J Sheridan
Oswego NY USA

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