Re: Hungarian Union Fields - Thanks #hungary

John Epstein <johnebos@...>

Thank you

On 2/12/04 9:02 PM, "Barbara Kaufman" <babsk@...> wrote:

The Hungarian Society Of New York (old name)
Mutual Benevolent Society Of 1865 Inc
These are one and the same. The phone number of the Hungarian Cemetery, which
is owned by the Society, is 718-366-3434 and the gentleman in charge is Irving
Barbara Kaufman
Mt. Vernon, NY

Researching: Rosett/Roseth/Rozett in Slovakia
Steinberger in Spisske Podhradie and Spisska Nova Ves
Friedman in Pecovska Nova Ves
Moskowitz in Pasdisoce, Slovakia
Grunstein/Greenstein in Munkacs

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