Help with Hungarian Death Record #hungary

Sam Schleman <Samara99@...>

Hello all.

I need some help figuring out a death record >from the town of Gavavencsello
from 1876. The column headings are in German.
The first column is the first and last name of the deceased ("des
Berstorbenen"). The next column is for the month-day and year of the death.
The next column is the place of birth ("Geburts=Ort") and the next column is
the occupation of the deceased (Stand oder Beschaeftigung").

If I have any German translations wrong, please correct.

Across the columns for birthplace and occupation is written a person's name.

Does anyone have any idea whether this would be the father or a witness or a

The entire page of 25 names is in the identical format.

On the page are two names. One is the name of my Grandfather, but he didn't
die until 1944 and that was in the US. The other is an unfamiliar family
member. The person whose name spans the two columns is my Great-grandfather.

I am speculating that he was the brother or witness to the deaths of his two
brothers and that my Grandfather was subsequently named after the deceased

Appreciate any help.

Sam Schleman
Malvern, PA

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