Kossuth Ference cemetery sections #hungary


To Steve Stein and others:
My mother and her siblings were members of the Kossuth Association. They are buried in Block 7 of a Kossuth section in Mount Hebron Cemetery in New York. I also have an uncle buried in Block 6 in a Kossuth section in Beth Israel Cemetery in Woodbridge, NJ They were all born in Elyus, Transylvania (now Aleus, Romania)not far >from Cluj.
I have always wanted to do research on the organization, but have not because I have been busy with the IAJGS indexing project in the Newark, NJ cemeteries - where incidentally, I have found several "Hungarian" sections in Union Field cemetery (in Newark, not Queens): the Oesterricher Ungarische section and the Star of Jacob-Ungarische sections.
Alice Gould
West Caldwell, NJ

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