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Gábor Hirsch <hirsch@...>

May be it is hairsplitting, but for me Hungarian Jews in connection
with Holocaust are the Jewsinside the Hungarian borders of the 194x. As
the Jews >from (Felvidek) Slovakia (Tiso) were already much earlier
persecuted, the first women (999 Person) transport >from Poprad Slovakia
arrived already on 26 March 1942 in Auschwitz shortly after from
Pressburg but this women lived already some 20 years in Slovakia were
raised in Slovak schools, in this time we lived in Hungary more or less
free with some sometimes severe restrictions, but this couldn't be
compared to Poland, the Protectorat, Slovakia, Netherland etc.
Attrocitiesw and mass executions were known in Kamanets Podolski and in
Novisad but they were not the rule. After 60 years we should stick to
the facts.

Best regards
Gabor Hirsch

Pamela Weisberger schrieb:

Gabor Hirsch wrote: <<I never heard that Hungarian Jews were sent to
> Belzec, as the deportation of the Hungarian Jews started in the
> middle of May 1944 and the existence n of Belzec ended sometimes in
> 1943 if I am correct.>>
> Below are two extracts which suggest otherwise. The first >from the
> JewishGen Shtetlinks Homonne/Humenne website (Transcarpathia,
> Hungary, then Czechoslovakia, today Slovakia):
> "Yad Vashem has 20 reels of microfilmed cards >from the first and
> biggest transport operation which the Nazis employed between March
> and October, 1942. In this operation 58,000 Jews were deported from
> Slovakia." (Robert Klein, HUNG-SIG article) 39,000 of them went to
> the Lublin district (Sobibor and Belsec), the remainder to
> Auschwitz."
> And this excerpt >from "The Nizkor Project": ">from the report by the
> Polish Commission which investigated the Belzec camp (T/1316), it
> becomes clear that this camp was a place mainly for the extermination
> of Jews >from southeastern Poland, but Jews >from Czechoslovakia,
> Austria, Romania, Hungary and Germany were also brought there for
> extermination (p. 13 of the Hebrew translation). The Commission
> estimated the number of those killed at Belzec as at least 600,000
> (supra, p. 15)."
> Although I referred to "Hungarian Jews" it would be, perhaps, more
> accurate to state that the people who were deported to Belzec were
> "former" Hungarian Jews, as many of them were born in what once had
> been Hungary, but at the time of WWII had become Czechoslovakia.
> Pamela Weisberger Santa Monica, CA pweisberger@...

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