Hollan-utca Jewish Elementary School, Budapest #hungary


Dear H-SIG members,

Please forgive my writing to this forum. I realise it is not strictly geneology, but it does concern a larger family:
Class of 56 girls and boys of the Hollan-utca Jewish Elementary School in Budapest. We started there in the 1st grade in 1941 and disbanded during the German occupation in Spring, 1944 before the end of 3rd grade. I never learned how many of those children survived the Holocaust, but I suspect that at least 1/3 did not.

Last year I met Peter Hidas on H-SIG and he kindly put me in touch with an old classmate >from this school. Thus I learned that after 60 years my class had its first reunion in Budapest in January. I understand it was a most exciting and moving event with 13 participants. A class list is being compiled and I am looking for other survivors >from this class. If this applies to you or someone you know, please contact me off-list at:

Thank you,
Judy Bacskai

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