Laurentius #hungary


Hello Everybody:

I am looking through Jewish census records >from Paks, Tolna megye (county) written in Latin. I came across a number of people who's name was listed to be Laurentius, which means Lorant in Hungarian. I have never seen Lorant as a Jewish name and I wonder what would be the equivalent for Laurentius.

I have found a number of osszeirast (census) before 1828 and between 1828 and 1848. I have also found change-of-names following the mandated requirements for selecting a last name for half of the county. It is in Hungarian and lists all members of the household including servants. Interesting that the Jewish Archives did not answer my request for information about this, but the county archives did.

Attila Rona

Rokonstein/Rockenstein >from Paks, Zagreb, Arad, Szombathely and Bukarest.
Grunhut, Feder, Pollak >from Budapest

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