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Dear Marge,

1. There are some Ketubah books kept in the Jewish Community Alliance's
office (Magyarorszagi Zsido Hitkozsegek Szovetsege) in Budapest (Address:
VIIth district, Sip u. 12.), and some in the Jewish Museum's Archives (in
the Dohany street synagogue).

2. Yes you can get those certificates, by going to the respective district's
Registry Office. (You have to know, however, which district it was.)

3. You may find the answer in their original marriage record. (Or, you may
scan it, if it is possible, and by sending it to me, I will try to

4. It is relatively easy to search in the National Archives in Budapest,
even as a foreign citizen. But it is quite at a distance >from the downtown,
and the traffic is worst, than you can imagine. (The microfilm section,
which you are in interested to visit.) Of course, you may take a cab there,
but you must be able to call a cab by your own, if you are going alone. It
would be better to hire a researcher to do a preliminary research, but this
doesn't sound good >from me, who myself I am one of them.

Best whishes,
Peter Winter

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Hi All

My family is planning a summer trip to Budapest, original home of our
common ancestors. We will only be there for four days and we would like to
make the most of it. Any general information is welcome but I have some
specific questions.

1.We have my great grandparent's marriage license but not the ketubah.
Are there Ketubah books in Budapest? Is there a way to find out what
synagogue married them? On the top of the license it says "Budapest VIII".

2. My grandmother and her brother were born in Budapest in 1903 and 1904
respectively. How can we get their birth certificates?

3. On the marriage license my ggm's place of birth is listed as
"Szabotist". On the naturalization papers it is hard to read, but looks
like it might be a variation on "Szabadsagkut". There are two different
towns that might fit, according to Shtetlseekers. One is Szabotiszta and
the other is Szabadsagkut. Any ideas on how we can find out for sure? We'd
try to visit the town if we knew which one it was.

4. Does anyone have any experience visiting the National Archives in
Budapest? Is it worth it to have a private researcher or research firm do
the preliminary legwork for us?

Thanks for you help.

Marge Goldin
Dix Hills, NY USA

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