Thank you for your help #austria-czech

Helen Epstein

Thank you to those of you who looked for and found my mothers Aunt
Hella -- Helena Sachsel. I also received great help >from members of
the FB page
Jewish Genealogy Portal, so if you are on FB and don't know about this
group, I suggest you have a look and perhaps join. There are over
25,000 amateur and professional Jewish genealogists on it!

I am currently working on editing a text my mother wrote about her
concentration camp experiences with a group of Czech prisoners
1942-1945 and there are many more people I will want to identify. My
mother said good-bye to Aunt Hella in the family camp at Birkenau in
1944, when she was selected for the first women's transport OUT of
Auschwitz to a forced labor camp in Hamburg. She left with her cousin
Kitty Egerer and Lotte Winter, among others.
Here is what she wrote.

That evening after the selection, leave-taking was hard for the lucky
ones picked to go. A-4116 went first to see Aunt Hella, her last link
to the older generation of the past. She found her in a serene mood,
with not a trace of fear of her assured death. They sat with their
arms about each other, the young one tongue-tied, just soaking up the
warmth of the motherly woman, while the older one echoed Mutti=E2=80=99s
parting words, encouraging her to stay strong and try her best to stay
alive. Hella told her not to pity her, that this was the one thing she
could not take and told her of the beautiful life she had had and the
many happy times with Mutti. It all sounded so strangely familiar.[i]



This link
has lot of info on her. She was a seamstress, born in Kolin 1 December
1883. In 1939, she lived in Prague 1, Kozi street #1, and was not

birth record:


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