Jews in the Austro-Hungarian Army #hungary

Joan Kraus <jnskraus@...>

Schmidl's book, Jews in the Habsburg Armed Forces, 1788-1918, discusses
the varying acceptance of Jews in the military, which depended on the
prejudices of the royal family, of the influential members of the royal
court, on the military and political situation and the corresponding
need for troops, on the political situation within the Empire , and on
other factors. The book also has some demographic charts, including the
number and distribution by branch and specialty, for certain years. The
numbers were based on the Military Statistical Yearbooks published in
Vienna. Data are presented for Jewish officers (and other officials) in
the I&R Army for 1897, 1904, and 1911. In 1897, there were 178 on
active duty, and 1993 reserves. In 1904, there were 118 on active duty
and 1662 reserves. In 1911, there were 10 officers on active duty, 1671
reserves. In 1872, there were 12,471 soldiers (other ranks) in the
Army, The number in 1885 was 28,194, and in 1911, the number was
44,016. I hope this helps. Samuel Kraus

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