Re: FUHRER in Nagy Varad and Cirko #hungary


We have recently found two FUHRER/FURER's who were born in Nagy Varad, Bihar
Megye, Hungary and are listed in the 1848 Census. We understand that this
town is now known as Oradea Mare and is located in Romania.

What is most interesting is that there is a town named Cirko about 28 miles
from Nagy Varad, and may be the mysterious "Sirkov?" we have sought for many
years. This is in connection with the list of Jewish Soldiers who served in
the 1848 War, which appeared in the Hungarian SIG database. There is a
listing of an Abraham FUHRER, born in 1830, in Sirkov?? but we could never
determine exactly where it was.

Can anyone shed any light on Nagy Varad and Cirko?

Best wishes,
Jean Fuhrer
On Florida's Spacecoast - USA

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