Kezmarok #hungary

Amos Israel Zezmer <zezmer@...>

If Kezmarok, the year 1934 and the following people:

Rozsika Kovacs
Lathos Ruzomberk
Jeno Samuel
Rosa Storel
Zoltan Schalamon
Ludwig Frindt
Johann Uhrik
Janka Farber
Ewa Feiermann

ring a bell, please contact me privately. I have a couple of photographs
belonging to my late uncle, Alexandr Spiegel, in which the
above-mentioned people appear, and I would be more than glad to e-mail
the photos to whomever is interested in them.

Excuse the spelling of the names, as I am not that familiar with
Hungarian-style handwriting.

Best regards,
Amos Zezmer

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