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Cheryl Etting <twekkie@...>

I just received information regarding my gggrandfather, Israel Korngut (b.
1824 in Pilchov), living in Circ, Slovakia in 1875. According to a birth
record received >from the archives in Slovakia: the child's first name is
listed as Eliasz Godel Korngut (b. 12-4-1875 in Circ). Mother is Temma
Korngut, with no father's name listed. "Godparent" is Moses Goldberger.
Under notes it states: "Graus Vater Israel Korngut". What does "Graus
Vater" refer to? Could this be "grandfather"?
Any input is appreciated. Thanks in advance.

Cheryl Etting
Chatsworth, CA

GUTTMAN(N): Jakubany, Stara Lubovna, Kosice, Inacovce, and Michalovce
KORNGUT(H): Circ, Slovakia and Pilchow, Poland
GROSZMAN(N): Mateszalka, Kosice, Slovakia
MILDER: Szacsur, Slovakia and Uzghorod, Ukraine
WASSERLAUF: Pilchow, Poland
APPLE (APPEL): Nowy Sacz, Poland

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