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Gábor Hirsch <hirsch@...>

I am wondering of the different translations of the text, how far is it
an interpretation depending of the translator. I missed the original
text, so I can't make any comparison by myself, in general I prefer both
texts can be read, and if there is a litaral translation may be with an
interpretation. I don't know if a nyilvanos Rabbiképzöo (fo)iskola
identical is with a rabbinical academy, Public Rabbinical School or an
Advanced Yeshiva. Does the "Országos Rabbiképzö-Zsidó Egyetem", the "Leo
Beck Institutut" and a Yeshiva need the same qualification to start a
study and gives the same qualification after finishing. Is a
(oratorical) debating socity a lecturer?
May be I am to hairs-plitter but as I do not live in an English speaking
country so my knowledge might be quite limited.

Best regards
Gabor Hirsch

Pamela Weisberger schrieb:

Thanks to all the genners who offered translations to my Viewmate
posting of the photograph of my great-great uncle, Samuel Weisz (>from
Csap), class of 1901 in the Pozsony rabbinical academy.

The last one offered by John Kovacs:

<<The inscription of the photograph posted by Pamela Weisberger of the
students of the Rabbinical School of Pozsony is in Hungarian and reads
as follows:

"The Oratorical Debating Society of the Public Rabbinical School of
Pozsony 5661/1901."

The following interpretations and elaborations were also offered by
helpful translators:

"The lecturers of the Tiferes Bachurim Organisation*, >from the Advanced
yeshiva of the holy community of Pressburg."

(*Lit. “glorious young men”... but such organizations existed in many
large towns in Hungary Czechoslovakia and elsewhere and were attended by
young men who were already working during the day)

In other words, senior students of the yeshiva were serving as lecturers
for lay audiences, and your relative was among these lecturers

Or…alternate translation:

"Members of the debating society (literally: oratorical self-education
society) of the Public Rabbinical School of Pozsony"

If one wants to learn more about this academy, founded by Rabbi Moshe
Sofer (Schreiber)
(1762-1839) one suggestion was to contact the Jewish Communith of
Bratislava. The building that once housed this yeshiva may now be a
musuem there. I don't have any further specifics at this time, but if I
learn more I will share it with the group.

Many thanks again!

Pamela Weisberger
Santa Monica, CA

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