Vicki Blum Vigil Inquiry Re Budapest Address #hungary

John J Kovacs <j.kovacs@...>

I am responding to Vicki Blum's inquiry about where
some Budapest addresses are located and how they could
help her in learning about her grandfather. According
to my reading the addresses given are both located on
Sziv utca in the Sixth (VI)District of Budapest called
Terez Varos where the Nyugati Palyaudvar (Western RR
station) is located. I don't know how the addresses
could help her to know more about the grandfather but
here some possiblities:
1. If Blum grandfather lived with Dr. Busch he
probably had to be registered with the police and
those records should give more information about him.

2. If say Mrs Busch was a teacher of GG Blum and the
school where she worked could be found >from police or
other records then the school may (but unlikely) have
records of the GG. (This is a very long shot)

By the way Frank is Feri or could be Ferencz in
Hungarian. But I notice that a brother is called
Ferencz. Are we really sure that GG was an orphan?
Perhaps a very close reading of the letters referred
to could give more clues about the family.
John Kovacs

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