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Gábor Hirsch <hirsch@...>

May be you can find the information you are looking for on the homepage
of the camp, there is also the informations
paper edited by the Jewish community Budapest in 1945 about the
displaced persons waiting for repatriation in different camps "Hirek az
Elhurcoltakrol" it is available in the Hungarian Archive in Budapest, I
ordered in 2002 a microfilm copy and got it for an affordable price. I
informed H-SIG in December 2002 about the content of the different
issues, my interest was Nr. 3. about the camp Sluzk in USSR where I
spent some month in 1945. Some of the issues are waiting for
transcription as on 7/7/2004 Joyce Field >from Jewishgen informed us, she
was looking for proofreaders.

Here is again the list of the 5 issues published of the paper "Hirek
az Elhurcoltakrol" (News >from the dragged away persons) May be in one of
the issues you can find the information you are looking for, the paper
lists the survivors.

The first issue (5. July 1945, 16 pages) listed the inmates of the
camps: Homberg, Kammer- Schaerfling, Lipcse, Frielendorf, Ebensee,
Hillersleben, Aurolzmuenster, Buchenwald, Sachsenhausen, Sondheim,
Unter-Themenau, Goerlitz, Wells, Troebitz (>from Bergen-Belsen)

The second issue (17. July 1945, 24 pages) listed the inmates of the
camps who remained in Theresienstadt, Deportees in holyday resort
Sweden, Bergen, Salzwedel, Celle, Ziegenhein.

The third issue (14. August 1945, 24 pages) listed the inmates of the
camps Bergen-Belsen, Dornach, Feldafing, Garmisch-Partenkirchen,
Mannheim, Szluck (Belorussia, this last list is transcibed), in this
list there are 8 person born in the 187x-ies, 21 children born after
1940, one girl, Bein Angela born 1944 in Birkenau, and a boy Papp Dezsoe
born 1945 in Zielenrig.

The fourth issue (2. September 1945, 16 pages) listed the inmates of the
camps POW-s and deportees in Siberia, Ural, Germany and Austria; Azbeszt
(Siberia), Nizsgij-Tagil (Nr. 153/1 camp), Morschanszk (SU, 64) Molotow
(Borowszk), 107/15 forced labor unit >from Heves Bok (Nr.103 camp),
Minszk forced lagborer, Deportees in hospital Wels, Landsbergen (West
from Munich), Neustift (near Innsbruck), Tuerkheim (SW >from Augsburg),
St. Ottilien, Rheinsholdhain (bei Glachau, women), Targam Allensburg
(near Leipzig), Penzing West >from Munich), Feldafing (South >from
Munich), Dachau, Dilich (bei Kassel), Wells

The fifth issue (20. October 1945, 24 pages) listed the inmates POW-s
and deportees in different places in Soviet Union, French, Switzerland,
Nizsnij Tagil (253/6 camp), Rusztava (bei Tiflisz 181-3) 109/7 forced
labor unit, Gorki (117/1 camp), Persons cared by the American Mission in
Italy, Persons cared by the UNRRA in Italy, deportees in Sweden
searching family members in Hungary, >from Bergen-Belsen to Sweden, Ravel
Wallerberg Organisation's (Stockholm) message, list of German
communities where deportees live or lived, Osby, Sigtuna, different
camps in SU, deportees in Paris, Fuessin, hospital Seehaupt,hospital
Geretsried, Oberfaehring, Hannover and vicinity, Bruzlav,
Rheinfeld-Salina (Switzerland), Luebeck.

Your fear of the Hungarian readers is unfounded, I accompanied a group
of HaShomer >from Switzerland to Hungary (60 year commemoration) and
Poland (Krakow, Auschwitz, Warsaw, Treblinka), the Hungarian, Swiss,
Austrian were with an Israeli guide, in my impression the young people
spoke better English as our guide. The Internet users of all countries
are forced to some English.

Best regards
Gabor Hirsch

bodziony@... schrieb:
> Dear Genners,
> Hessisch Lichtenau was a camp which belonged to the concentration
> camp of Buchenwald. Does anyone know where I can search for victims
> and survivors of that camp in Hessisch Lichtenau?
> I would like to write the same text in Hungarian too, because some
> Hungarian readers in this mailinglist might have limited knowledge of
> English:
> Hessisch Lichtenau tabor a Buchenwald halaltaborhoz tartozott.
> Tudja-e valaki, hol lehet a Hessisch Lichtenau tabor aldozatai es
> tulelöi utan kutatni?
> I thank you very much for your help.
> Giselle Bodziony

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