Ungvar cemetery. #hungary


Hello Hun-Siggers,
Would anyone know if Jews >from Ordarma, also known
as Jovra (now Storozhnitsa, Ukraine), would be buried
in the Ungvar (Uzhgorod) cemetery? I am interested
because of the mention of the Ungvar cemetery
register. Ordarma, to the best of my knowledge, was a
small village very close to Ungvar.
Mimi (Weiss) Simon
Teaneck, NJ

WEISS - Ordarma, Hungary (Storozhnitsa, Ukraine); East
Pittsburgh, North Braddock, McKeesport, and Rankin, PA
ROTH - Olaszliszka, Hungary; Komloska, Hungary; Ft.
Wayne, Ind., East Pittsburgh and Braddock, PA
KLEIN - Keked, Hungary; Turtle Creek, PA
BLASS - Hungary; Youngstown and Sandusky, OH; Mt.
Lebanon, PA
GOLDBERGER - Hungary; Ft. Wayne, Ind.

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