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Ivan Kovac <ijkovac@...>

Yes indeed. By the way, could somebody post a recipe for the genuine
hungarian version of the "kremes", by which I do not mean the garden variety
Thank you.

Ivan Kovac
Silver Spring, MD

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Hi All

This isn't exactly genealogically related, but my family is recently
returned >from a trip to our roots in Budapest. While we were there my
cousin spoke of our ggm's strudel which was reported to be fabulous. Of
course, unfortunately, no one has the recipe and we are hoping to revive the
skill with the help of someone else's ancestor. Thanks in advance for your

Marge Goldin
Dix Hills, NY

Researching: ELBERT, Budapest; MEISELMAN, Korolovka; FISHER, Kutno, Poland
and London; LEVY/SIMPSON, Kutno Poland and London; AUSTRIAN, Radom Poland;

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