Jewish Archives, Budapest #hungary

John J Kovacs <j.kovacs@...>

Barbara Wasser writes about a Jewish Archive in
Budapest that she visited in 1991 which was not next
to the Dohany Temple. As far as I know, the Jewish
Archives used to be located in a building on Jozsef
Korut where they also trained rabbis for Eastern
Europe. The address according to a letter >from 1989
was as follows: 1085 Budapest, VIII, Jozsef Korut 27.
Tel: 342-121. Since that time it has been moved as
part of the Jewish Museum which is next to the Dohany
Temple. By the way the the person in charge of the
archives in 1989 was Rabbi Landeszman Gyorgy who, I
believe, now resides in Canada.

John Kovacs

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