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A distant Hungarian relative of mine named Rebecca Spielberger
(1846-1890) married a Leopold Deutsch. She was born in Zsarno (near
Miskolc) and died in Miskolc. She had four daughters, named
Goldfield, Friedman, Waldman and Hecht. All came to the U.S. but the
Deutsch name disappeared. I don't know anything else about Leopold.

If any of this rings a bell, let me know and I'll give you more details.

Good luck!
Dan Rottenberg
Philadelphia PA

My grandmother's maiden name was Deutsch. I saw "Deutsch" as one of the
names in your searches too. What country, city, does your Deutsch ancestor
from? Mine is Hungarian,
Many thanks for your reply,
Kitty Sauber, NY
Dan Rottenberg
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