Recipe for Strudel [Retes] #hungary

Sheldon Pivnik <sipivnik@...>

Going to Budapest----- The Budapest Marriott Hotel on the Danube has an
afternoon Pastry Table --""All you can eat" for approx $8.00 in Oct 2001
where I over-indulged on Apple Strudel--sometimes it being my dinner!.
Grandmother stretched the dough thinly across the Kitchen table allowing no
holes. She painted melted butter on it and /or oil and covered the entire
dough with peeled , thinly,sliced apples, cinnemon and sugar, chopped
walnuts and golden raisins, and then rolled it up still painting with oil
or butter. I am sure the recipe can be found using Filo dough which comes
in very fine sheets in Freezer case of Super-Market

As an aside--- The Ethnilogical Budapest Museum opposite the magnificent
Parliament Bldg. With the Red Carpeted staircase up to the Crown Jewels
has Birth, Marriage and Death depicted in Costume and the settings of the

countries represented, and somewhere on a wall is a photo of the kitchens
and of the women baking the Apple Strudel. If anyone goes, please photo
that photograph..

Carole Pivnik, Miami, Florida

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