Archives in Oradea, Romania & Vamospercs, Hungary #hungary


Dear Fellow Researchers,

Although only one hour apart in travel time the Archives in Romania and Hungary are worlds apart in their reception of visitors.

Although we had written, e-mailed and faxed the Archives in Bucharest April 2004 requesting a permit to do research in Nagyvarad/ Oradea with the help of our guide, we were denied access in Oradea. Bucharest had not notified Oradea of our visit and never mailed us a permit. Oradea had our guide write two requests [they weren't satisfied with the first one and tore it up] and said that they would wait to hear >from Bucharest.Our visit was May 23, 2004 and we still haven't heard a word.The City Hall in Nagyvarad/Oradea doesn't have e-mail or a fax number and very limited hours when you can visit, so to say that they are difficult to communicate with is an understatement.

The women running the City Hall in Vamospercs [Hajdu-Bihar county] were very gracious. [I think one woman in charge was a Ms. Rosenthal or Rosenberg]. They showed us the index of records that they kept starting in 1896 and informed us that the records before that were kept in Hajduboszormeny. They also gave us the following phone numbers:

Vamospercs: Telefon # 52 591 500
Fax # 52 591 515

Hajduboszormeny: Telephon # 52 229 442
Address: 4220 Dorogi utca 5

I hope this information will be helpful to other researchers.

Best Regards,
Fran Meng
Walnut Creek, Ca

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