Goals of H-Sig #hungary

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I have been following with interest the current discussions about the goals
of H-Siggers and consequently, the nature of our posts. To my mind, our
Moderator uses a light touch in keeping us on track. Sometimes, it's not
the specific genealogical tidbit that is so useful, it's the unexpected
pearl, such as Gabor Hirsch's magnificent and brief summary of linguistic

It might be easy for somebody living in an English speaking country and
useing English day by day, but it is difficault task for a foreigner to express himself short and up to the point. I doesn't necessarily say what I want but what I can.

In these two pithy sentences, Gabor gives us a great insight into the pains
of anyone trying to communicate in a second language. Bravo, Gabor!

Maureen Tighe-Brown

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