Deutsch in Hungary #hungary


Deutsch is a fairly common Jewish name in Hungary (and Eastern Europe)
meaning "Yiddish-speaker".

In my research of Miskolc, I have found many Deutsch families to which I am
not related (yet).

Gary Deutsch
Roswell, GA

Diane Rabson <dmrabson@...>
To "H-SIG" <h-sig@...>
08/09/2004 12:20
Subject [h-sig] Deutsch - Mad

The Deutsch family is prominent in Mad, not far from
Miskolc. When I was there in July visiting the Mad
synagogue, some Deutsch descendants now living in
America had either just visited or were also visiting.
The people we spoke to in the town were quite excited
about that, and asked if I was related to the Deutsch
family. I recently browsed the LDS microfilm for Mad
(births, deaths and marriages) and saw quite a few

Diane Rabson
Boulder, Colorado USA

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