Brunner Photograph #hungary

John J Kovacs <j.kovacs@...>

I am commenting on the backside of the photograph
posted by Tomer Brunner. The photo studio is called
Friedrich Schiller who had studios in Vienna (Wien)
and Baden bei Wien, usually just referred to as Baden.
In Vienna the studio is on Mariehilfer strasse, which
exists to this day and many Hungarian tourists shop
there. Baden is about thirty kilometers outside of
Vienna and according to locals was a vacation spot for
the King of Austria at the beginning of the 20th
Century and continues to be a vacation spot and
tourist attraction to this day. Currently Baden has a
small synagogue and may have a Jewish cemetery. I
believe that the photographer lived in Baden, at least
part of the year, as he says that his studio in Baden
is in his own house across the street >from the
"Curhaus". The spelling of "Kurhaus" (a spa or house
of healing) with a "C" probably puts this photo at the
early part of the 20th century. It is my view that
your relative lived either in Baden or Vienna or he
was vacationing at the Spa in Baden.

John Kovacs

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