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tom klein <h-sig@...>

i'm not an expert on the munkacs area, but "patskanyosz" looks like a ukranian name (or at least mostly not hungarian). "packanyosz" looks like a hungarian spelling of the same name. "paks" is a completely different place (4638 1852) on the hungarian side of the border, and "patakos", which sounds like it should be a nice hungarian place name, is not listed at all in the jewishgen shtetlseeker.

the radix 1882 gazetteer of hungary ( lists "patkanyoc" in the munkacs district of bereg megye. (select the "bereg" page, and then use your browser's search function.)

the radix 1913 gazetteer ( lists a "patakos" in the munkacs area. it maps the town's location, but unfortunately it doesn't give the coordinates.

for what it's worth,

....... tom klein, toronto

Linda Cohen <Cohentalk@...> wrote:

In 1840, my greatgrandmother Szerena/Zali/Sari nee SCHWARCZ
EISENBERG, daughter of Herman, was born in Patskanyosz Bereg Hungary.

Patskanove/Packanyosz is 4835 2236. It is about 10 miles NNW of
Mukachevo. Are Patakos, Paks, Pats other names for Patskanove or
different towns?

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