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Dolph Klein <kledolph@...>

Original matriken of Jewish marriages and other vital events for Pozsony
County are reposited in the Regional Archives of Bratislava (Statny
oblastny archiv v bratislave). Except for a column for comments, none of
the marriage records in German or in Hungarian have a column reserved for
identifying synagogues in which the event occurred. Obviously, the marriage
record you received of Stare Bratislava lacks that information as well.

There is one active synagogue in Bratislava on Heydukova St., 11-13, that
is headed by Rabbi Baruch Myers >from Brooklyn, N.Y. You might want to
contact his Chabad Center in Bratislava by mail or telephone for further
information about synagogue records; Chabad Center , 22 Augusta No. 19,
Bratislava, 81107. Tel: 011-427-323-246.

Dolph Klein
Chapel Hill, NC, USA

This is my first email to Hsig; please excuse any errors.

My maternal grandparents, Leopold Pollitzer and Valerie Singer, married in
Bratislava on 03.03.1907. The Slovak republic have sent me a copy from
their records of marriages of the Registry in Bratislava, stating that they
married in Bratislava - Stare Mesto. My grandfather lived in Vienna before
they married, and my grandmother in Krems. I first learnt the details of
their marriage >from the Matriken records held at IKG Vienna. Do record
books, Matriken, of Jewish marriages held in Bratislava survive >from this
time? Is it possible to determine in which synagogue they married?

Dominique Dubois, London, UK

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