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Peter I.Hidas <thidas@...>

On Tuesday, Aug 24, 2004, at 08:45 Canada/Eastern, tom klein wrote:

first, "falu" means "town"
Mistake. Falu means village.

and "falva" means "town of". "patak" means "stream". these are words
commonly attached to place names, rather than actual places
themselves. there are very, very many hungarian place names containing
"falu" or "patak".
patak= creek, brook, streamlet, rivulet

second, an excellent online resource for hungarian place names is the
radix 1913 gazetteer of hungary at
<>. you can search by
name or partial name and it will list places along with their county
and district, as well as mapping their location on a map of "greater
hungary". (it includes pre-trianon areas like slovakia and

"ga'cs orsza'g" refers to the land of galicia.

....... tom klein, toronto

ilona lerman <> wrote:

I recently came across the names of two places on my great uncle's
marriage record >from Rozhegy >from 1897(today Ruzomberok Slovakia).
Does anyone know of these places- RASZTOK FALUN and BESENYO PATAK.
Could the latter be the same as Lipto Patak? Also I found on a birth
record the words GACS ORZAG. Does this refer to the "state" of
Galicia? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Ilona Lerman Beerot
Yitzchak, IsraelPeter
Mississauga, Ontario

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