Re: More questions about names #hungary

tom klein <h-sig@...>

that sounds unusual, although i haven't spent time looking at the records.
but are they using the same name, or is it written as if it were a second,
or middle name? i think that jewish names like "yitzhak ben avraham pipick"
often were recorded as "yitzhak avraham pipick", which to us might look like
the son receiving his father's name as a middle name, where in reality,
it was just a patronymic (and one that might well have disappeared after
emancipation). at least that pattern seemed to emerge >from some of the
discussions in the main jewishgen list.

....... tom klein, toronto

Robert Neu <> wrote:

To my experience >from looking at countless Hungarian pre 1895 B,M,D
FHL Films as well as about 50,000 records for the 1848 census,
children having the same secular name as their parents is very

Go on the AHD search the records for any town and look at the result.

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