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I am not surprised that Veit MAYER was called Shraga.

In my family, my GGF was called Veit or Feit in census records 1800's.
His name was written as FEISH (Yiddish) in Chevra Kadisha records.

Descecndants named after him were called Phillip/Fulop/Fillip or similar
depending on the country of birth (secular) and in Hebrew their name
was/is Shraga.

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Henry Sinai

Researching FAMILY names:
SINAI and variations (SZINAI, SINAJ,SYNAJ, ETC)- Austria, Hungary,
Turkey, Rest of World
TRITSCH/TRIETSCH (and variations) Central Europe
PARNES- Lemberg (Lvov), Brody, Berlin
GOLDENBERG- Brody, Berlin
MOSZKOWSKI- Opole Lubelskie; Leszniow, Rzeszow, Poland
SOBEL- Opole Lubelskie; Poland
WOLARSKI -Mlawa; Poland
JELLINEK - Bratislava (Pressburg), Vienna
)von) KEMENY - Austria/Hungary

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Professor G. L. Esterson wrote:
Thus, in legal contracts (Get, etc.) a person with this German secular
name VEIT and the Hebrew name Yaakov (say) would have his name called
Yaakov Fayt in an aliya in shul. A Yiddish nickname for the Yiddish
FAYT would be Faytl and a German secular nickname would be
Feitl/Feitel in
German script.
Veit MAYER (1786-1865) was called on his headstone: Shraga, son of Rabbi

Wolf-Erich Eckstein

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