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Ruben Weiser <weiser@...>

I also seen many children named with the same names as their parents.
First i suposse that this parents died before the child was named but i
found some cases when the parents were still alive.
Then i suposse they were not ortodox but also find out some of them were.
My concluttion is that hungarian jewish, specialy ortodox, didn't care about
the civil names because they regularly used their jewish names.and there is
not any prohibition about civil names the customs are only about jewish
I have an ancestor with the jewish name Yakov Itzchak that was written in 3
diferents civil registers as 1)jeno,2)jakob,3)icik. he can have a son with
the jewish name joshua with the civil name also jeno,because their jewish
names was not the same.

Ruben Weiser
Buenos Aires

Subject: Re: More questions about names
From: Robert Neu <>
Date: Mon, 6 Sep 2004 23:14:50 -0700 (PDT)
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To my experience >from looking at countless Hungarian pre 1895 B,M,D
FHL Films as well as about 50,000 records for the 1848 census, children
having the same secular name as their parents is very common.

Go on the AHD search the records for any town and look at the result.

Robert Neu

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