Milada Miluska WINTERNITZ #austria-czech

David Lewin

Does anyone recognize this family group?

1. Rudolf WINTERNITZ (b.20/24 Nov 1879-Horni
Mokropsy,Cernovice,Prague-West District,Central
Bohemian Region, Czech Republic d.15 Mar 1925)
sp: Martha GIBIAN (b.19 May 1891-Popovice,Beroun
District,Central Bohemian Region,Czech Republic)
|-2. Milada Miluska WINTERNITZ (b.12 Jan 1915)
|-2. Jiri WINTERNITZ-6 (9 Sep 1920 d.1927)

I am hoping to learn what befell Martha
WINTERNITZ and her daughter Milada Miluska WINTERNITZ

Can Milada have another "non-Czech" name?

David Lewin

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