arendatores is land lessee or tenant #hungary


Additional latin >from censuses as follows:
Numero Number
Nomine Communitatum Name of City
Patres Familias Father's family
Matres Familias Mother's family
Proles caelibes offspring
Mares males
Faeminae females
Ab anno 16 at or more than 16 years old
Infra annum 16 under 16
Cognati caelibes kinfolk (related by blood)
Servi caelibes servants
Pecora Pecudes Cattle sheep
Jugales yoked
Equi & Equae stallions and mares
Mercatores merchants
Quaestores magistrates? or peddler?
Arendatores Land leasee
Opices artisan
Quales type or kind
cognomen surname

Sam Vass, Kent, WA, USA

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