Please sign up for the SIG lunch in Cleveland #austria-czech

E. Randol Schoenberg

We have a terrific line-up of experts in our area attending the conferenc=
e in Cleveland at the =0D
end of this month. Besides having our Czech experts Julius Mueller and F=
red Chvatal =0D
returning, we also have a special focus on the Burgenland this year with =
Johannes Reiss, =0D
Traude Triebel, Carole Vogel and Yitzchok Stroh all coming. I look forwa=
rd to seeing our =0D
group there.=0D
I know it is a pain in the neck, but even if you have already paid for th=
e meal, you still need to =0D
go back to the IAJGS website and make sure each person attending has clic=
ked to choose a =0D
meal to attend the Austria-Czech SIG luncheon. You have to go back to =
=0D Go to the Registration tab. Select Update Yo=
ur Registration & =0D
Info. Log in with the password they sent you when you registered the fir=
st time. Then page =0D
through to the fourth page (click Continue three times) until you get to =
the page with all the =0D
luncheons. Find Austria-Czech and then select which meal you want at the=
luncheon. Sorry =0D
if you already did this. I don=92t have the list of people who have sign=
ed up already.=0D
Randy Schoenberg=0D
Austria-Czech SIG Coordinator

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