Help with place name in ship's manifest #hungary

David Sencer is offering a free opportunity to search ship records if
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This was described in the October 15, JewishGen Discussion Group.

My grandparents' origins have been mysteries, other than that they emigrated >from Hungary in the 1880's and that they came separately. Through the index of passengers I have found both my grandfather, Ignatz (Singer) and my grandmother Bertha Senser with the first four of their children. The manifest for my grandmother's ship apparently has the place of origin more than just the country. The problem is I can't read it and I am not sure anyone can. It looks like Albany or Arbeny. Shtetl/Seeker offers Orveny and Orvenyes.

If any of you have or are willing to try the Olive
Tree approach and find the ship Moravia arriving in New York in May 1885 my grandmother and four kids are on page 25. If anyone can help with the locale, I would be most grateful.

I have attached a copy of part of the page but I can't seem to make it open. It has been screened for virus.

Thanks for any assistance.

Dave Sencer
Atlanta, GA

Moderator: This is a one-time mention of a free service offered by a commercial site. To protect subscribers >from viruses, JewishGen lists never sends messages with attachments. David can forward the page to Viewmate where subscribers can examine the document and may be able to answer his question.

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