thank you for help on Franci's War #austria-czech

Helen Epstein

Thank you Martha Flatto and others. I have been informed of not one
but three unexpected discoveries regarding dates and names in my
mother's memoir Franci's War:
Prague-Terezin-Auschwitz-Hamburg-Belsen-Prague 1939-1945. The 30,000
members of the FB Group Jewish Genealogy Portal were unbelievably

They found Coonel Margaret Emmeline Montgomery, the British Red Cross
office who beriended her at liberation. She turns up in three other
survivor memoirs and was a sister-in-law of Field Marshal Bernard

They found the birth and death dates of her friend Margot Stern
Koerbel (1907-1978)

Most movingly they found the records of Gisa Kaufmannova, the little
girl my mother adopted in Terezin who was murdered in Auschwitz. Her
relatives in Israel were amazed to find out that someone remembered

The book will be out in the US in February 2020 and in Czech and
Slovak in May 2020.

Thanks again.


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