Hungarian Panel for IAJGS Conference-Shtetl Trips/Archive Research-Volunteers! #hungary

Pamela Weisberger <pweisberger@...>

We are looking for people interested in participating in a Hungarian Special
Interest Group-sponsored panel discussion/presentation on "Visiting Your
Ancestral Shtetl and Researching in Eastern European Archives" for the IAJGS
Las Vegas conference, which will take place >from July 10th - 15th this

If you have traveled to a city, town or village that was located in
pre-Trianon (greater) Hungary (including Transcarpathia/Ukraine, Slovakia,
Romania) whether it was with a group or a privately arranged trip--and would
like to share your stories and experiences, please get in touch with me.

The topics we'd like to cover are:

-Before you to prepare for all facets of this type of trip.
-hiring guides, translators, drivers
-town visits...dos and don'ts.
-researching in city and regional archives, town halls, libraries,
universities, USC offices, etc. What documents can be found and the best
ways to access them.
-cemetery restorations or documentation
-synagogue visits-experiences with the religious communities abroad
-Travel recommendations: air, train, car, hotel accommodations, food
issues--(Kosher or not.)
-What to take--cameras, converters, money (for tipping versus spending),
medications, research/office supplies, etc.
-What you would have done differently...what you'd like to do again.

If you are interested in offering your expertise--based on personal
experience--on any of these topics, or simply have an interesting anecdote
to tell about your trip--and think you will be attending the conference,
please send me the following:

-Name/Contact Information
-Brief (but specific) information about where and when you traveled and what
you did.
-Topics you would be most interested in discussing.
-Short Bio

Even if you are only tentatively attending the Las Vegas conference at this
point, feel free to submit your information. We'd like to have as many
potential panel members as possible at this point, even if some of you end
up not attending the conference.

If your are reading this, but have never taken a shtetl trip, but are
considering doing so, please offer suggestions on topics you think should be
included in this type of panel discussion.

Looking forward to your feedback!

Pamela Weisberger
H-SIG Liason
Santa Monica, CA

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