Sonderschule der Stadt Wien fuer Rassisch und Politisch #austria-czech

Oliver Bryk <oliverbryk@...>

One of my New Year's resolutions is to ask for help in locating former
classmates of the "Sonderschule der Stadt Wien fuer Rassisch und Politisch
Verfolgte." I attended this school together with about 30 others from
1945-1947 and obtained the Matura in order to enroll at the University of
Vienna. Some of my fellow students only had their uniforms >from Tito's
partisans to wear, some were marked with the infamous tattoos, and none of
us youngsters wanted to talk about our experiences but just get on with our

To its credit, the City of Vienna established this Gymnasium equivalent for
survivors who had not been able to complete their high school education
under the Nazis; it was a crash program that made up for four years in two.
A couple of years ago I corresponded with several officials at the City's
Department of Education (the "Stadtschulrat") who were embarrassed to admit
that they had no records that this school, which I described to them as
having been located a few blocks down >from Berggasse 19, ever existed
(although there is a school building in that area.) Consequently the
Stadtschulrat could not help me with my classmates' names and I do not
remember any of them.

I shall be most grateful for any suggestions in locating former students of
the Sonderschule.

With best wishes for 2005,
Oliver Bryk, San Francisco, California.

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